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How The Hoof GP Saves Cows and Builds an Audience with Graeme Parker

February 06, 2023 Episode 92
The Video Creatr Podcast
How The Hoof GP Saves Cows and Builds an Audience with Graeme Parker
Show Notes

Taking care of cows on the farm is as important as the product they produce. From milk to its meat, cow health will determine the quality of the product so it’s important to know why it starts by trimming their hooves. Graeme Parker of The Hoof GP will share exactly how they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of cows worldwide.

In this episode, Grant talks with The Hoof GP channel creator, Graeme Parker from Scotland. Graeme talks about the hoof-trimming industry and how he uses YouTube to promote it. He also shares how he helps farmers look after the cows to help the public understand why and how cows suffer on the farms. 

The Hoof GP currently has 1.7M subscribers and counting. Learn how Graeme Parker continues to grow the channel which involves being decisive when it comes to content and love for the industry he’s in. 

Episode Highlights
(1:50) What was the purpose behind Graeme starting to create the Hoof GP channel
(4:17) A bunch of cows crossing a road in Russia
(6:48) Raising awareness about why cows suffer on the farm
(8:50) How does the video production process look like for The Hoof GP: from the hoof to the head
(12:42) How Graeme keeps video retention high in order to grow his channel
(16:11) Putting up videos that are 95% perfect than uploading none at all
(19:05) How Graeme manages to upload the most recent video all the time
(23:10) The process Graeme employs in order to find an effective video editor
(30:19) How Graeme was able to diversify his income source out of The Hoof GP channel while making room for charity
(33:25) Why Graeme doesn’t like integrated ads in his videos
(37:10) Time is the most significant investment
(44:15) Authenticity with your content can help you succeed

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