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How Nick Nimmin Got 870k Subscribers and Counting

February 10, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 93
The Video Creatr Podcast
How Nick Nimmin Got 870k Subscribers and Counting
Show Notes

Starting your career as a YouTube creator is challenging because aside from conceptualizing your content, you need to make sure that the videos target your audience to help you get more views and land your video on the recommendation page. Chances are, you’ve searched for some YouTube tips content to help kickstart your channel.

In this episode, Nick Nimmin, a YouTube Tips content creator, talks about how he made his own channel and content stand out from the others and how it helped him earn more from content creation. Nick Nimmin shared that while aiming for search is helpful, as a content creator, you must also focus on tapping in on YouTube recommendations by picking a good thumbnail and title.

Nick Nimmin started as an editor for an established YouTube creator before he created his own YouTube tips channel after his name. Nick has grown his channel and now has 870k subscribers and counting.

Episode Highlights

 01:40 – How Nick made his channel grow to 870k
 06:47 – The difference between YouTube Search and YouTube Recommendation
 11:48 – The attitude a live streamer must posses
 17:50 – How Nick started his main YouTube Channel
 24:53 – How to think of content that will be impactful to others and fulfilling for you
 36:16 – Do your things differently and separate your content from others
 53:05  – What to consider when creating content that you can monetize
 56:40  – Why starting a channel is also starting a business
 01:05:51 –  How to earn money from both affiliates and sponsorships

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