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This Barista Exploded on YouTube with Jay yu coffee

February 13, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 94
The Video Creatr Podcast
This Barista Exploded on YouTube with Jay yu coffee
Show Notes

How do you like your coffee? More and more people are becoming fond of coffee to the point that we like to learn how to brew our own. This is what makes coffee brewing and content creation a perfect blend if done right.

In this episode, Jay, aka @Jayyucoffee, shares how he started building his channel with his coffee brewing skills. He believes that people’s love for coffee makes them more interested in viewing caffeinated content. From the plain coffee we used to drink, coffee has been evolving and people’s innate curiosity to explore more things makes coffee more popular. Hear more of Jay’s posting strategy and future plans for his coffee-related content through this episode.

Jay is a barista at a university café in Australia. He showcases his skills in brewing coffee and posts videos of fun latte arts. Jay’s channel, Jay yu or @Jayyucoffee, has more than 200k subscribers and over 300k views.

Episode Highlights

07:20 - How Jay started his coffee brewing content
09:59 - Why coffee is so popular
11:20 - Jay’s content creation process and posting strategy
16:12 - Importance of being proactive in modifying and exploring content
20:12 - Challenges of getting sponsors as an Australia-based vlogger
23:54 - Tips for growing your content
27: 54 - What Jay does when running out of content ideas
29:56 - The good side of live streaming
37:32 - What are the things he learned as a content creator

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