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How Outdoor Adventures Became His Bread and Butter - New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

March 03, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 98
The Video Creatr Podcast
How Outdoor Adventures Became His Bread and Butter - New Jersey Outdoor Adventures
Show Notes

In recent years, the Nomad Lifestyle has been picking up its popularity and one of them is the van or RV Life. Patrick Botticelli, RV fan and salesman, started a YouTube channel showing what he’s passionate about for friends, family, and eventually the world.

In this episode, Patrick Botticelli of New Jersey Outdoor Adventures talks with Grant Ball about how he grew his YouTube channel to how it is today. Patrick shares how YouTube shorts and short-form videos are changing the landscape of content creation. A self-confessed madman, he talks about why posting content on every social media platform he could have helped him achieve success while working a day job at the same time.

The New Jersey Outdoor Adventures channel sits at almost 300k subscribers with a total of 71M views as of this writing. It was initially showing Biking and adventure videos until he decided to cover Van life camper vans and RV walk-throughs.

Episode Highlights

2:30 How his youtube journey when he bought his GoPro
5:25 Backlash of filming an abandoned house
7:10 Why Patrick took a 1-year break from youtube
10:15 How Patrick convinced people to give their time for a tour of their van
15:16 Why Patrick is so reluctant with brand sponsorship
20:14 How Patrick capitalizes on producing more YouTube shorts
28:30 Operating the channel alone plus having a day job
34:20 Getting the motivation to have consistent content
39:00 Creating connections and friendships through the channel
40:58 What’s keeping Patrick from going full-time on YouTube
51:15 How Patrick’s Airstream van became the icon for the New Jersey Outdoor Adventures channel

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