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His Business is Internet Privacy and It's Thriving - All Things Secured

March 06, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 99
The Video Creatr Podcast
His Business is Internet Privacy and It's Thriving - All Things Secured
Show Notes

Internet security has been an issue for quite some time from governments constantly surveilling their citizens to blocking Google and Twitter in some parts of the world. Luckily, there are channels you can get tips about tightening your privacy online.

In this episode, Josh Summers talks about his brainchild, The All Things Secured Channel, which was formed out of necessity for privacy and security. Josh shares how he started a vlogging channel about China eventually replaced by All Things Secured. He also mentioned why it’s essential to blend creativity with discipline.

The All Things Secured channel offers internet privacy and security tutorials. The channel has 150k subscribers and 12M total channel views as of this writing. 

Episode Highlights

2:15 Why is there an urgent need for privacy and security when Josh was living in China
6:10 Cringeworthy videos when the All Things Secured channel was new
8:27 How YouTube’s algorithm benefits evergreen content
11:30 The trap of scaling up your video production too quickly
14:02 How Josh started as a vlogger on YouTube documenting his stay in China
18:20 Josh’s process on creating videos- does he have editors
23:55 Utilizing the YouTube Partner Program and sponsorships
31:53 Affiliate revenue’s importance for All Things Secured
35:30 How Josh is utilizing the All Things Secured website for articles and services
42:14 Testing out YouTube Shorts

Resources Mentioned

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