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More Perfect Union Helps Working People and Thrives - More Perfect Union

March 10, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 100
The Video Creatr Podcast
More Perfect Union Helps Working People and Thrives - More Perfect Union
Show Notes

Starting a fact-based journalism YouTube channel can be challenging at first if you have no funds to start with. It will be even harder to acquire funds and maintain neutral reporting simultaneously. However, for Faiz Shakir, being a balanced journalist, and serving the people will always be above profit.

In this episode, Faiz Shakir, Executive Director of the More Perfect Union, talks with Grant about their channel and how they strive for balanced journalism. The More Perfect Union channel tackles the American labor movement, economic policy, and corporate accountability. Aside from producing videos, Faiz is a political adviser for Bernie Sanders.

The More Perfect Union channel sits at 140k subscribers with 12M total channel views as of this writing. The channel traces its roots to Think Progress, a blog type website that focuses on fact-based research-based reporting and boots-on-the-ground journalism.

Episode Highlights

2:15 How the Bernie Sanders campaign inspired the creation of More Perfect Union
6:20 Difference of style between Think Progress and More Perfect Union
9:18 How does the More Perfect Union production team looks like
12:10 Why Faiz thinks that YouTUbe is more rewarding for their content genre
17:05 Advertising strategies Faiz uses for the channel
21:52 Sticking with your values as a creator
31:12 Faiz’s point of view on journalism
38:05 Populist right versus populist left
46:40 The challenge of getting funding when you are a journalism channel

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