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How Travel Tips Got Her 18 Million Views - Travel Tips By Laurie

March 14, 2023
The Video Creatr Podcast
How Travel Tips Got Her 18 Million Views - Travel Tips By Laurie
Show Notes

Creating a YouTube channel is a hit or miss because it doesn’t guarantee that it will succeed. Laurie Osterman was not expecting to get big on YouTube but what she realized was how important it is to just start creating.

 In this episode, Laurie Osterman, aka Travel Tips by Laurie, talks about how she runs her channel like a business after she quit her day job as a teacher. Laurie also shares how important it is for a YouTuber to create a community that supports by listening and talking to them.

 Travel Tips by Laurie stands at 180k subscribers as of this writing. Laurie, having traveled a lot for two decades, shares her expertise with packing and travel hacks among others.

Episode Highlights

2:03 How long did Laurie take to niche down her YouTube channel and settle with Travel Tips
7:24 Coming up with an idea for the next Travel video
10:04 Why Laurie feels it's important for people to see your face in your videos
11:21 How Laurie faces the criticisms other people throw at her
13:30 Maintaining the community that Laurie built through her channel
17:20 Revenue streams and monetization strategies
24:13 Day-to-day operations for Laurie’s channel
26:32 Why Laurie takes 20 hours to edit her videos
31:20 How short-form content affects Laurie’s channel
36:20 How YouTube changed Laurie’s life
39:20 Editing hacks when hiring an editor 

Resources Mentioned, Google Drive

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