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How His Gaming Memes Became Lucrative - MC Squared90

March 17, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 102
The Video Creatr Podcast
How His Gaming Memes Became Lucrative - MC Squared90
Show Notes

Nowadays, you have the freedom to choose what length of content to produce- short-form or long-form. The former is easier to edit and easier to get viral while the latter is better for building a dedicated niche and community. If you’re choosing between the two formats, MC Squared90 will help make up your mind!

In this episode, MC Squared90 shares how to determine whether long or short-form content is for you and how to niche down your content into a specific audience. MC talks about how he transitioned from working at a certain huge store into becoming a full-time drummer and content creator. 

By the end of this episode, you will learn why it’s important and how to take care of your mental health as a content creator. You will also learn why monetizing your content is very important while MC shares more about how he deals with brand sponsorships.

MC Squared90 has a Youtube Channel, @mcsquared90, but he collectively has 6M followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with 300M views at the very least. 

There’s no surefire way of getting success on YT and TikTok, it takes time and effort, sometimes luck. However, if you focus on your goal, enjoy the process, and keep sight of what you value the most, you might just get to where you want to be.

Episode Highlights
[2:00] Why MC loves producing short-form content such as YouTube Shorts and TikTok
[3:15] How does short-form compare to long-form videos
[7:30] What prompted MC to start creating videos, when it started, and where he uploaded
[11:15] Is there really a big payout with short-form videos
[15:05] From working in a big box store to being a musician and content creator
[17:49] How MC faces the challenges of being a content creator such as when videos don’t perform
[19:49] TikTok famous vs Public Figure
[28:15] How MC takes a break from creating videos and spends time with his family
[29:50] What are the coolest sponsorship MC had as a short-form content creator
[33:25] Sponsorship selection process for MC
[38:32] Difference between ad placements on YouTube and Tiktok
[42:00] How creative can a creator be in integrating sponsorships into the video

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