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His Airbnb Business Has 230K Subscribers - Sean Rakidzich

March 27, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 103
The Video Creatr Podcast
His Airbnb Business Has 230K Subscribers - Sean Rakidzich
Show Notes

Renting out an Airbnb for work or pleasure has been the top alternative for hotels primarily for the custom experience it provides clients. Have you ever thought about what happens behind renting these fabulous places?

Sean Rakidzich's brainchild, Airbnb Automated which has been rebranded to his name, is providing expertise in Short-Term Rentals and Airbnb Education on YouTube in the last 5 years. Sean talks about how you can profit from renting out your space on Airbnb and teaching people how to do it. He also shares how creating content helps his business to grow and allows him to create more businesses.

By the end of the episode, you will learn how indecision creates bigger problems and how to overcome them, how to build trust and make an audience, the importance of collaboration with other creators, how to profit by providing value, and so much more.

Sean Rakidzich's channel now stands at 230k subscribers and counting. Sean believes that the future is about providing high value and when he is not busy creating content and finding properties for rentals, he enjoys spending his time watching anime.

Episode Highlights:
[2:36] How Sean grew his AirBNB business from working solo to 30 employees
[4:51] Importance of learning how to edit as a content creator before hiring an editor
[6:50] Sean's experience with hiring foreign editors
[10:02] Why it’s normal for Sean to get nervous each time he starts a business
[12:09] How being a YouTuber changed the way Sean runs the Airbnb company
[15:53] Creating responsible content when the industry is facing challenges such as COVID-19
[20:21] Breaking the WHAT and HOW so you don’t give everything away in your free content
[23:30] Challenges that are commonly faced by Sean's coaching clients or mentees
[29:20] Working with other creatives or creator friends to increase your date
[33:30] Banking on what makes you unique and extraordinary
[39:00] How short-form content changed the landscape of content creation
[42:28] The Gladiator Method

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