Keep Moving Forward

The Building Blocks of Habit Building

March 04, 2022 Episode 17
Keep Moving Forward
The Building Blocks of Habit Building
Show Notes

Do you need help with building better habits, breaking bad habits, and creating lifelong habits? If so - I've got your back.  Today's episode is PACKED with content to teach you all about the science of habit building.   

Today's content is broken down into four subsections: 

  1. Breaking and Building Habits by Instituting the Three Layers of Behavior Change

  2. Understanding Your Brain and the Science of Habit Building 

  3. Taking Action in Habit Building 

  4. Automating Your Habits for Lifelong Changes 

The largest resource of today's content came from James Clear's book Atomic Habits. For more concrete examples and information, check out my blog, specifically the Habits Series.

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