Keep Moving Forward

Are Your Growing with Each Conversation?

April 15, 2022 Episode 26
Keep Moving Forward
Are Your Growing with Each Conversation?
Show Notes

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I want to share with you the inspiration for this week’s episode.  This specific podcast episode comes from a conversation that I had with a woman at a recent work event. At the event, I was sitting at a table and a woman came up to the table, she was working through her own processes, began doing what she needed to do, and was speaking to herself out loud.
 When she finally got herself aligned she apologized for speaking to herself and I told her that there was no need to apologize because I do the exact same thing when I am thinking through what I need to do. 
 And she responded with, “Well, I hope you are growing with each conversation.”

Am I growing with each conversation? Am I learning from each experience? Am I reflecting on the moments throughout my day, and learning all I can learn from each interaction?
And THAT is what we are talking about today!

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