Keep Moving Forward

Some Things Live, But All Things Die

June 10, 2022 Diana Keller Episode 39
Keep Moving Forward
Some Things Live, But All Things Die
Show Notes

"It's okay to say goodbye, some things live but all things die." -Ben Platt, carefully

When was the last time you were OKAY with letting something die? Do you struggle with letting things die in order to let different (better) things live? 

Today's episode is all about the temporary nature of the things in our lives and how to overcome the adversity we feel when we let things die.  As requested by YOU, we discuss the following struggles we face when letting things die:

  1.  Wanting to hold on because you love it so much

  2. Feeling like a failure for letting things die

  3. Being afraid of what others will think of us when we let things die

My biggest piece of advice for you today - BE A TREE.

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