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[BONUS EPISODE] Why Gratitude? with Rachel DesRochers

March 06, 2023 Episode 92
Keep Moving Forward
[BONUS EPISODE] Why Gratitude? with Rachel DesRochers
Show Notes

WOW.WOW.WOW. Today's episode with Rachel DesRochers, all about gratitude - why gratitude, how to practice gratitude, and more, is a MUST LISTEN!

If you've been interested in gratitude, but just don't know how to practice it - you'll want to listen to today's episode. OR, if gratitude is not something that you've ever really incorporated into your life, then you need to listen in because this episode will COMPLETELY change your perspective!

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Resources from today's episode:

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Check out The Gratitude Collective and all their resources
Tara Brach Meditations
Sarah Blondin Meditations
Stacy Sims
Kami Lerma
Flourish Ayurveda

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