Veteran Voices

Healing in Healthcare

November 18, 2021 Abby Season 1 Episode 1
Veteran Voices
Healing in Healthcare
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In this episode, we find commonality between a first year RN, a Physicians Assistant, a Hospital Administrator and a Licenced Psychologist who all bring their skills from their experience with and in the military to make enormous impacts in the world of healthcare during a global pandemic. 

Panelist Bios:

Isabella Taft, RN

Bella is the daughter of retired Senior Chief Petty Officer Ward Taft who served as a Navy Corpsman for 20 years. Ward was severely injured during a deployment and Bella became the youngest member of his care team at home. Her experience as a child caregiver for a wounded warrior lead Bella to pursue nursing and just this year she graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Nursing. She recently became an ICU nurse in Florida. Growing up with a father who had a brain injury was not easy, but it made her who she is today. She is eager to share all she has learned from her experiences and point of view as a child caregiver.


Johnnie Gilpen, PA

Inspired by his family’s military legacy, Johnnie first served as a helicopter crew chief in the Oklahoma National Guard, then as a U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. Through these experiences, he came to appreciate what it means to be part of a team, dedicated to a purpose much large than one’s self. As a Corpsman, he found his passion in medicine. His experiences providing medical care for Marines, Sailors, and locals during deployments made him realize the need for more primary care providers. After leaving the Navy, he set his sights on becoming a PA, while continuing to serve his country as a disaster response epidemiologist and medic at the local, state, national, and international levels. He is now a physicians assistant at OU Health in Oklahoma, working in the ER dealing directly with Covid Response. 

Ron Fitch, Chief Adminisrative Officer

Ron is the Chief Administrative Officer UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, dedicating his time and experience to leadership in the healthcare field. With twenty-three years of executive and transformational leadership gained as a military veteran of the US Army Special Forces, Ron specializes in strategic and operational planning. He is deeply engaged in his local community as a Non-Profit Board Member and leader for the YMCA, the Colorado Springs Conservatory and TESSA. 

Dr. Wendy Rassmussen, Director of Clinical Engagement

Dr. Rasmussen is a licensed clinical psychologist by training, and currently Director of Clinical Engagement at SonderMind. Dr. Rasmussen earned a Counseling Psychology PhD at the University of Iowa, and commissioned in the US Navy in 2013. Upon leaving active duty service, she sought roles that would support her passion for making mental and behavioral healthcare more accessible through innovation and technology. Dr. Rasmussen joined SonderMind in 2020, driving clinical engagement strategy across client and provider journeys to ensure the enablement and delivery of high quality care. Currently, her work is focused on standing up high quality care for veterans, and creating more access through medical-behavioral integration.

Bella Taft's Introduction
Johnnie Gilpen's Introduction
Ron Fitch's Introduction
Wendy Rasmussen's Introduction
A Vet's Transferable Skills
Stress First Aid
Healthy Coping
Best Practices in Hospital Leadership
A Culture of Belonging
Op Tempo and Trauma
Looking out for your people
The Pink Sock Monkey
The Military Child Perspective
Adaptability and Org Learning
Resources for Vets
Continuing Service