Virgil's Sound Den Podcast

Ep 36 Work Like Hell

September 13, 2019 Steven Kinsley
Virgil's Sound Den Podcast
Ep 36 Work Like Hell
Show Notes

Let me ask you this?
How do you work at your job?
Are you always looking for the easy way out?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes?
Are you thinking 5 steps ahead of what you need be doing?

I believe if you don’t work hard at everything
ESPECIALLY at someplace you HATE working at
That will spill over into your DREAM.

Working towards this will be the hardest thing you have ever done
Even harder than your crap job

So if you don’t give a 110% at your crap job
You will end up not giving that when it comes time to buckle down and WORK for your band. Especially the none sexy things.

Think about it?
How is your work ethic?

Honestly, that where your band will thrive when ALL of you buckle down and fight through all of the grit and grime.
Not just one of you.
A lot of bands have that one guy that fights for the whole band and that band wouldn’t be there without them.
I'm here to tell all of you that you all need to buckle down and work hard towards this.