The Studio Drummer Chats!

The Female Drummer Episode. Installment #1.

November 11, 2018 Jonathan Cazenave Season 1 Episode 9
The Studio Drummer Chats!
The Female Drummer Episode. Installment #1.
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In Episode # 9 of The Studio Drummer Chats, Jonathan talks about his top 3 favorite female drummers and discusses the increased recognition of these fantastic players.
Complete with audio samples of their playing!
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Welcome to the studio drummer chats. My name is Jonathan Kazan Abe, and this is a creativity podcast. Talk about all kinds of things. Creative issues, ways to be more productive. Music production, a lot of drumming stuff. Today I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite female drummers. I'm excited about this episode, and I'm going to be doing something a little different today. As I talk about some of these female drummers. I'm going to play you some music clips of these drummers playing, so we'll see how that goes. But first I wanted to share something with you guys I have looked at. This is Episode nine, by the way, and I've been looking at these stats from my past podcasts and saw some interesting information. The most popular podcast that I have done so far, I believe, was Number 1234 and it was four practice tips that will also help you achieve anything in life. So it's interesting to me to see that that was the most popular. A close second Waas. I'm a musician. Do I need to learn audio engineering? Clever title. That was a very close second and the third most popular was the one called Forget Practice. Have Fun, that one. I expected to be popular because that's a uh that's something that we all want to do, right? We don't really want to run rudiments for a now, er we'd rather just have fun. So and that's what I talked about. But I say all that to say that as I do more of these podcasts and I find out what you guys like to hear, I'm going to continue to talk about things that are interesting to me. But also, I want to talk about things. Of course, that are interesting to you. I'm paying attention to those things. I just want to let you know. And ah, let me also say that you can get a hold of me on YouTube. I've got a YouTube channel, have some tips and tricks videos. I have some, some some of my music there. I have a couple of tracks where I've played along with other people's music. I can also you know, that's the studio drummer on YouTube. By the way, you can find me on Instagram as the studio drummer, and if you are looking for a drummer to play on your tracks. You can catch me at Jake has music dot com so that J c ese m u S i c dot com We came to see me an email at J. C at Jake as music dot com. I do a lot of virtual sessions from my home studio, and you can hear some of that that I've done at Jake as music dot com as well as on the YouTube page. So if you need a drummer, if you're if you're working on tracks and you want some some live drums and real drums on your stuff, shoot me an email. I'd love to check it out and play on it for you. So today we're gonna be talking about female drummers. Then I'll give you a little quick just history backstory on on Why this ah topic is really interesting to me. Um, as a child of the eighties, the Onley female drummers that I was really aware of were Terri Lyne Carrington. Terri Lyne Carrington is best known as kind of a jazz drummer that played with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter physical SB and a whole list of others if you check out her Wikipedia. It was kind of a child prodigy. She apparently received a full scholarship to Berklee at age 11 and then she went on to win Grammys. And, um, she became really well known in the public eye when she was the House drummer for The Arsenio Hall Show, which was a show kind of like the Jimmy Fallon Show in the eighties and, they believe came back in the nineties. But I don't know, I don't know. She was on it at that point, but she was. That was a very popular show, and she sort of became a household name for drummers at that time. And then the other drummer that I was other female drummer that I was kind of aware of. Growing up was Gina Shock from the Go Go's Now Gina Schock, the Go go's if you're not familiar with them, they're considered one of the most popular feet all female rock bands of they're actually they're considered the most popular, probably based on sales female rock band of all time and ah, they've kind of come back into the public eye recently because there's a musical called Head Over heels, which features their their their music and I believe they're having Ah, it's an anniversary for when they joined together So they're kind of back in the public eye. But there are really kind of fun New wave pop rock band that was really, really big in the eighties. And so, you know, when I talk about Were there other female drummers during this time? Of course. Of course there were. But I'm talking about drummers that were on the cover of Modern Drummer, which was pretty much the only periodical that was really well known up. You know, during that time period, uh, drummers that were on television, drummers that were being interviewed, you know, drummers that were really in the public eye and really, really well known. And so, in my recollection is that this is pretty much true through the nineties as well and the two thousands, and maybe starting to change in the 2000 ten's. But what I've noticed is over the past, say, 56 years. Ah, female drummers have really started to establish themselves as there have been some in particular, that have started to establish themselves as really serious drummers and I love it. I'm a huge fan of these drummers and I'm going to be talking about, and I've been studying there playing and learning things from them. Also as a teacher that teaches all ages and has, uh, male and female students that come in and want to learn how to play the drums. And also as a father of a female drummer, this is very exciting to me. One of the drummers that I feel is most responsible for this helping this sort of up Sergent ce of female drummers in the public eye. There's been a lot of female drummers on YouTube that have done some great things and pave the way. But I feel like this one has made great strides in gaining a huge amount of respect from so many drummers. And it is Anika Nilis. Monica appeared. I think I found out about her maybe about three years ago, somewhere around there. As I look back on her YouTube history, it looks like her first videos were uploaded around 2012 and she's kind of had a steady stream of videos since then. She's, ah, composer and player, and I believe that Mina ll played a large role in kind of helping push her to the public eye and mine all has really done some some great work in that regard. You'll hear them coming up a lot. Azam talking about some of these artists because they produce such cool content, great videos and their their their channels Really good. Ah, most of her music is instrumental, and ah, she plays kind of a fusion style. I would call it. She sort of established her own thing by really expanding on the concept of the quintuplets. So I won't get into that right now. If you follow her and know about her, you already know what I'm talking about. If you've never heard of her, then it's worth looking into. If you go to her YouTube page, you'll see she has some free lessons on there. But she talks about her approach to the quintuplet heard Romeo videos Very good, but it's some really cool stuff. But the fact that she has chops and musicality and she kind of has established her own thing and style of playing really says a lot. Ah, one of her newest releases is a new version of a track called Smooth seven that I really like, So I would recommend that you guys check that out. There's an older version of a couple of years ago, and there's a newer, which is kind of alive in the studio version. You'll see it's her with the band's called Smooth seven, but the one I'm going to play for You now is called Cherry Life. But it's a live version from the Model Drum Festival in 2015 and I just particularly like this performance. And definitely check out the video, this one as well. Theo Drummer number two on this list is Helen de la Rosa. Helen is 24 years old and she is amazing. I found out about her strictly from the mynah ll YouTube channel. Sometimes when I have students come in, and, uh, one of the first things I'll do is I'll just find a video to plan. And sometimes just just to break things up, I try to do little different things all the time. Just so it's not the same thing every time. So sometimes first thing when they walk through the door, I'm like today we're gonna we're gonna check out this drummer, and it may be some drummer that I already know a lot about. Or I might just go to like a minor page or drumming. A page of mine is good because I know it's gonna be about three or four minutes. Ah, and I'll go and just find something and say, I'll tell him I say I've never heard the term before. Let's let's check him out. And that was the case with Helen Derosa. I had a student in and I was looking for something to show this drummer and um ran across one of her tracks. If you want to find out more about her, the best source that I've seen is her Facebook page. Other than watching her videos, which check them all out on the model channel, they're really good. And by the way, I'm not a mile artist. I know I keep saying Mina, Mina, Mina, they're doing a great job of promoting the drum community. So, um, cheers of them. This is a quote from her Facebook page. Helen Derosa is a 24 year old Dominican drummer. After graduating from the National Conservatory of Music of Santo Domingo, she received a presidential scholarship at Berklee College of Music, where she received her bachelor's degree and performance any minor music production engineering. In 2016 she went on, I'm not gonna read the whole thing. But she went on to win the hit like a girl drum contest and went on to play with some cool people. And she is definitely up and coming. So one of my favorite tracks from her is from The Mile Channel is called Oda Cova. I believe, which is avocado backwards and ah, but I really like some of the stuff on this track, so check it out. This is Helen Derosa. The last tremor I'm going to talk about in this installment of my favorite female drummers because I am going to do some future ones, is a drummer that I just found out about a few weeks ago, and I saw her on Instagram. She was being promoted by the Drum Eo channel, and they played this really cool little clip of her playing the drums. She's in the middle of a drum solo, and she's kind of fumbling with her glasses as she's playing. And as she's shredding through this drum solo. She just kind of ripped him off her face and throws him on the floor and keeps playing while she's absolutely killing at the same time. And um, the you know, the clip kind of went viral. A lot of people saw it. And so I went to the Drum Eo Channel and started watching her play. And her name is Sarah Power and her concept and what she teaches on her drum eo video is exploring Indian rhythms on the drums, and she talks a lot about her background as an Indian drummer, South Indian North Indian drumming How she is taking all these different instruments, which are very technical. You know, when you look at an instrument like the top block or any of the the, uh, Indian Instruments, it's it's those are instruments just like the trumps that that can take a lifetime to master. And she's taking these ideas sometimes when she's playing a drum set for a gig, she is looking for ways to evoke the tabla, are evoked this instrument or evoked an instrument on the drum set while she's playing or evoke handclaps and things like that, so sort of incorporating all these Indian rhythms something you may hear on a different Indian instrument on two. The drum set and she does a really cool job with that on the drumming. A video. I think that seeing her video is probably, you know, one of the ones that sparked the idea that I should do this episode about female drummers. And I have to say, I really connect with her playing. I'm a big fan of Indian music, but something about her playing in her sound as you'll hear in this clip, I'm going to play. But her Tom sound her snare sound. I like the fact, if you watching the video, she's not afraid to be kind of goofy. She doesn't take herself too seriously while she's still just shredding like crazy and I'm I'm a big fan like I was instantly a fantasy as I heard her play. So this is Sarah Power. Ah, and this is a clip from one of the songs that she played at the very end of her drum lesson there is called Galya. I hope you guys have enjoyed this podcast, and I hope that you found a new drummer or three that you might want to go check out and pick up some some new beats from some new licks. And, um, it would be a huge favor to me if you would go over to iTunes and give me a rating and give me some stars on iTunes if you're on your device, your mobile device. Rather, it's a little complicated to to give a rating someone. You have to go to the search feature in search for the studio drummer or search for my name. And then you come up to the main page and then you can leave a rating. You can't do it from the play page where you're hitting play to listen to this podcast. If you're on a computer, it's a little easier is kind of all right there on one screen. But I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me a rating in iTunes. It makes a huge difference. And again, I hope that you will join me at the studio drummer on YouTube, the studio drummer on Instagram. And if you want to reach out J. C. At Jake as music dot com J. C. A. C M. U s i c dot com I look forward to talking to you soon