Ep 95 Celebrate your wins
The Remote Work Retirement Show
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The Remote Work Retirement Show
Ep 95 Celebrate your wins
Mar 21, 2024 Episode 95
Camille Attell

In episode 95, Camille reminds you to celebrate your wins. 

Today’s episode is one that will hit home with many of you out there, and that is acknowledging and celebrating your wins every day. You may not think you have any, but they are there. Big, small, doesn’t matter. Celebrate your wins and celebrate yourself.

Camille has mentioned in previous episodes the difficult process she has been facing helping move her dad into a condo. He’s 80 years old, has a lot of stuff, the housing market is crazy, the retirement community has been challenging, etc., etc...

So, in this short and sweet episode Camille will share some of her wins, some Remote Work School, her on-line coaching program, member wins, and a great win for her dad, along with ways for you to recognize your own wins. Take the time to enjoy this episode, which by the way is a win.

You're listening to the remote work retirement show. I'm your host, Camille Attell. And this is the only show that helps semi-retirees figure out their remote work options.

I believe the remote work is the new retirement plan and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work how they want so they can live how they want. Let's dig into today's episode....

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