Ep 98 Road Trip With Me: Solar Eclipse Part 3
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Ep 98 Road Trip With Me: Solar Eclipse Part 3
Apr 23, 2024 Episode 98
Camille Attell

In episode 98, we pick up with Part 3 of Road Trip with Me: Solar Eclipse.

If you've been listening to the whole series since part one, Camille has talked about the journey of going out to Paris, Texas, which is where she and her husband were going to view the solar eclipse. In part two, she talked about getting to Paris and gearing up for the event.

Today Camille is finally going to talk about the actual solar eclipse. So, this was a pretty big buildup, sort of like a Netflix release where there's all this hype and marketing and you're just waiting for the actual event itself.

It wasn’t planned that way, that's just how it turned out. It is a bit of storytelling, and it is a departure from her show norm, which is pretty much practical tips, information and resources about remote work. However, a number of people have told her that they really do enjoy it when she does a little bit of storytelling and goes off the beaten path because they just like to follow along with the journey.

So, let’s join her for this next installment …

You're listening to the remote work retirement show. I'm your host, Camille Attell. And this is the only show that helps semi-retirees figure out their remote work options.

I believe the remote work is the new retirement plan and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work how they want so they can live how they want. Let's dig into today's episode....

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