20 Minute Takes

Remembering Ron Sider

August 03, 2022 Christians for Social Action Season 2 Episode 11
20 Minute Takes
Remembering Ron Sider
Show Notes

Ron Sider, Founder and President Emeritus of Christians for Social Action (formerly Evangelicals for Social Action) died last week at the age of 82.

In this final episode of season two, CSA Executive Director Nikki Toyama-Szeto and CSA Director of Dialogue & Convening Kristyn Komarnicki share their reflections on the life and legacy of Ron Sider—his deep impact on the world through his work and on their lives personally. Listen in as they share with gratitude about their friend Ron.

Thanks for listening this season. After a short break, we'll be back with our next season this fall.

You can read Nikki's letter to the CSA community: "Ron Sider Goes Home"

If would like to send a card to Ron’s family, or email a message, please feel free to send to: csa@eastern.edu  or mail to:  Family of Ron Sider, c/o Christians for Social Action, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087

Finally, if you'd like to share about how Ron Sider's work has influenced you, please send us an email sharing your experience in a few sentences at csa@eastern.edu with the subject line: "Because of Ron Sider"

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