Fishing the DMV

Rappahannock River with Mark Faulhaber

November 03, 2022 Thomas Arens Season 1 Episode 71
Fishing the DMV
Rappahannock River with Mark Faulhaber
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On this exciting episode of fishing the DMV I have the honor of talking to Mark Faulhaber Aka “The Rapp God”. Mr. Faulhaber has his figures on the pulse of the Rappahannock River and today he shares with us his knowledge about this amazing Virginia river system that is sadly is overlooked by many including myself! 


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Below are the links to Mark’s Fishing Reports: 

Rappahannock River Fishing Report - 

 Virginia Tidal Fishing Report - 

Personal Public Page - That Fishing MF_er  

Weekly Fishing Report in Free Lance Star Newspaper every Thursday from March till November & on

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(Cont.) Rappahannock River with Mark Faulhaber