Therapist and a Trainer

Start Here: First Nutrition Habits

February 13, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 8
Therapist and a Trainer
Start Here: First Nutrition Habits
Show Notes

Justin and Eric get close as they share a microphone, so Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer- Laura Webber, can drop some great knowledge on the other mic. Laura shares with everyone her 3 most important habits to start with that make the most dominoes fall on a diet journey. Deep dive topics include...

Holistic Nutrition

Meeting people where they are

Confusion in nutrition

Many aspects of nutrition

Coaching habits

Bio individualized nutrition

Social components of nutrition

Starting at age 30

Making small changes and getting active

Looking at food in a different light

Rock bottom moments

Partying too hard

Heavy drinking and smoking

Knowing you can do better in life

When something clicks

Trial and error with diet

Evolving diets

3 things that make the biggest difference in nutrition

Where do you start

Identifying where are you starting from

Tracking your food

Big calorie meals

Point A to point B

Taking a hard look at yourself

What sabotages your diet

Calorie counts

How much are you drinking

Meal timing and measuring

Patterns in over eating and under eating

Tracking what you’re eating

Nutrition journaling

Starting a diet without sacrificing

Having a better relationship with food

Being honest with yourself

Confessing your nutritional sins

Drinking enough water

Does coffee hydrate you

Having a water goal

How much water should I drink

Dehydration statistics

Symptoms of dehydration

Becoming energized with water

Keeping up with electrolytes

Consequences of dehydration

Brain shrinkage

Brain fog

Dizziness and accidents

Hospitalizations from dehydrations



Better sleep

Bathroom frequency

Finding the motivator

Seva Distance project

Online running coaching

Strength and mobility for runners

Couch to 5k

Qualifying for Boston marathon

Being nutrient minded

Negative feelings associated with being healthy

Concentrating on what your body needs

You are what you eat

False marketing 

Health halos

Reading the labels

Grams of sugar and processed foods

Removing nutrients in food

Shopping on the outside of the grocery store

Food versus consumable product

Calorie intake and differences for active people

How much can you cheat if you workout

Quality over quantity

Dream crusher and buzzkill

White bread as a gateway drug

There’s no rush into health

You won’t change overnight

Tough love