Therapist and a Trainer

If There Were Shortcuts to Health...

March 14, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 9
Therapist and a Trainer
If There Were Shortcuts to Health...
Show Notes

Eric and Justin talk about simple things that act like shortcuts to health. Justin tries to attempt a new world record for saying "hyperlink" in a single podcast episode. Deeper diving into topic like...

Episode 8: First Nutrition Habits

Simple things to boost mental health

We re going to find what we look for

Putting effort into finding the positive in things

Gratitude journaling

Body language behind positivity

Law of attraction

Being grateful for the state of the world

Increasing wealth

Declining deaths from childbirth, war, famine and plague

Negative media

Positive Psychology treatments

Building on strengths

Interpreting the external world

The importance of breathing in exercise

The intelligence of your breath

Symptoms of a threatened nervous system

Exercise as self induced stress

Holding your breath when you exercise

Sympathetic arousal posture 

Holding your breath to recruit strength

Decompressing with exhales

Breathing as a sign of perceived weakness and struggle

Digging deep

Episode 4: Treat Yo-Self

The struggle is the point

Going to failure in fitness

Exercising more with better breathing

How to breath while running or exercising

Exhale on effort

Overriding your stress system

Channel capacity in exercise

Removing things from your life

Removing news and social media

You are what you read

You are what you watch

How media impacts your mental health

What goes in comes out

Paying attention to what you consume

Negativity as a stimulant

Assessing threats and the nervous system

Actual threats versus perceived threats

How much news should I watch

Opinions versus information


Serenity prayer

Controlling how you respond to thing out of your control

Seva Distance Project

Running Coaching

Couch to 5k

Accountability for runners


Physical hierarchy of fitness

Stretching and flexibility


Reclaiming your full range of motion in your joints 

Easing into fitness

Stress in body tissue

Resist the emotional slingshot

Relieving your pain

Ego writing checks your body can’t cash

Burnout and exhaustion

Adrenal fatigue

Starting point of fitness

Finding the right yoga class or teacher

Keeping up with the herd

Self determination theory

Finding encouragement from other people

Participating in a support system


Having people check on you

Maintaining friendships

Longer lifespan and a healthy social life

Not liking people

Connecting with other humans

Feeling good about yourself

Not liking yourself

Brutal honesty looking in the mirror

Buddy system

Investing in yourself

Investing in your health

You have to invest if you want a return

Having skin in the game

Hiring a coach

Getting ahead with accountability and education

Having natural athleticism

Stair stepping into fitness

The sacrifice of health

The sacrifice of illness

Higher quality of life

Therapy in a moment of crisis

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