Therapist and a Trainer

The ABCs of Stress Management

March 27, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 11
Therapist and a Trainer
The ABCs of Stress Management
Show Notes

In this episode Justin and Eric argue about the definition of stress for 30 minutes, and then edit that part out. The end result is a lovely discussion about stress management and a rekindling of their friendship. Other topics include

Definition of stress

Spectrum of stress

Adapting positively or negatively to stress

Hypostress and atrophy

Eustress and positive stress

Distress and trauma

Acute stress

Chronic stress

Athleticism and stress

Stress management

The difference between a perceived and actual threat

Proximity of threat

Adrenal dump versus drip

Advantages of trained fighters

Our feelings are stupid

Elevated heart rate during stress

Short term survival 

Fight or flight response

Focusing on what you can and can’t control

Marcus Aurelius’ 

Fight, flight or freeze

Contributing to the outcome

Why people don’t vote

Convincing people of your political views

Breathe and move your body

Not just waiting for something bad to happen

Receding stress with movement 

Getting stress out of your tissue

Feeling catharsis after exercise

Having a sense of control with stress

Meditation and cleansing breaths

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system

Participating biologically with stress management

Self compassion

Identifying where suffering is coming from

Finding ways to pick ourselves up

Encouraging ourselves

The definition of sin

Being hard on ourselves

Prioritizing sleep and recovery

You’re not special

A workaholic species

Agricultural revolution and work ethic

Working harder to survive

Producing melatonin with the sunset

24 hours news cycle

Shift work

The rhythm of your recovery cycle

Playing with bad drummers

Athletes and days off

Work smart and hard

Even the earth needs to rest

Seasonal mood disorder

Human connection and social support

Improving your stress response

Reaching out to others

Different versions of love and affection

Having the ability to laugh at yourself