Therapist and a Trainer

Going the Distance

April 23, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 12
Therapist and a Trainer
Going the Distance
Show Notes

After Eric completes one of his biggest long term goals by completing the Boston Marathon, he and Justin sit down to talk about what it takes to stay on the path for the long haul to achieve big things. Deep dive topics include:

Achieving long term goals

Running your first marathon

The 126th Boston Marathon

Being consistent

Immersing yourself with people who have what you want

Becoming an athlete

Wanting to be a strong person

The athletic model

High pain thresholds

Handling loss

Making something your identity 

Change the way you are by changing the way you see yourself

Being a poser or a hypocrite 

Aspiring to an identity

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Learning quicker from experienced people

Being the runt of the pack

Being the rookie

Paying your dues

No shortcuts

Functional callouses 


When can you push yourself more

Individual experiences

Qualifying for the Boston marathon

Having support for long term goals

Staying hungry 

Cultivating hunger

Rest but don’t quit

Recovering instead of taking a break

Active recovery

Recovery versus rest

Getting injured and disheartened

Head trash

Being afraid to really want a goal

Paying the cost for your goals

We know what we believe when it comes to action

Being careful planning long term goals

Benchmark goals

Building goals from dreams

Finding reasonable goals

Being fully committed

Fatigue and discouragement

Fatigue makes a coward out of any man

Climbing out of the darkness

Not all injuries are created equal

Having a come-a-part

There’s not a no fear option

There’s not a no pain option

Short term pain or long term shame

Goal setting in therapy

Goal setting in couples therapy

Measuring abstract goals

Resolving conflict

Taking ownership

Take responsibility for yourself

Be willing to change

Be honest and trust the process

Investing in your goals

Giving yourself credit 

The courage it takes to go to therapy

The courage it takes to start taking care of yourself

Processing shame

Embracing the suck

Phase one of getting back in shape

We all have limitations

Having a reality check with your goals

Genetic ceilings

Exploring all your resources

Being your own worst enemy

What it feels like to achieve a long term goal

Building up things in your mind

What comes after you achieve your long term goals

Satisfying yourself

Raising yourself

Course correcting the child you used to be