Therapist and a Trainer

What Does Physical and Mental Health Really Look Like?

June 13, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 13
Therapist and a Trainer
What Does Physical and Mental Health Really Look Like?
Show Notes

In this episode, Justin and Eric try to answer "what does it really mean to be fit?", and "what does mental health really look like?". Diving into topics such as... 

How mental and physical health affects how we interact with others

Weight loss through exercise

Breathing easier 

Quality of life improvements through fitness

Self-esteem and mood boost

Being uncomfortable with your physical situation

Making good decisions and having boundaries

Being able to think clearly about what you should and shouldn’t do

Delayed outcomes

Instant feedback 

Outcome bias in decision making

Subjectivity and being human

How do you know when you need therapy

Interpreting problematic behaviors

Using big words

Instilling confidence and positioning authority

Looking good makes you feel good

Being capable and not working too hard 

Moving through space and time with ease

Measuring your fitness against others

Different kinds of fitness

Being a friend to yourself

Seeing yourself accurately

Knowing what you’re good at and what you’re not good at

Practicing resilience

Bouncing back from failure

Resilience vs toughness

Resisting failure

Injury makes you weaker

Feeling your emotions physically

Svasana or corpse pose

Avoiding unnecessary stress

Preserving and protecting your energy

Environmental changes that affect your nervous system

Treating other people with respect

Not focusing so much on yourself

Eliminating unnecessary competition

The fitness hierarchy 

Mobility, structure, attributes, and physique

Strength, power and speed