Therapist and a Trainer

You Suck...and That's Great!

December 18, 2021 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 3
Therapist and a Trainer
You Suck...and That's Great!
Show Notes

In this episode, Justin and Eric talk about the ups and downs of being a beginner and starting something new as an adult. Deep diving into topics such as:

-        The first steps in personal growth

-        Naturalness bias

-        Overnight success and the problem with YouTube

-        The definition of Talent

-        What keeps people from starting things

-        Fear of failure

-        Self Determination Theory

-        Pursuing growth

-        Autonomy, competency, and connectedness

-        Getting up early to exercise

-        The Buddy System

-        Figuring out your personal system

-        Self discipline

-        Starting fitness and martial arts

-        Tai Chi and Jiu Jitsu

-        Watching a class

-        Embarrassment ant primal fears

-        Showing weakness

-        Holding your breath to hide weakness during exercise

-        Advantages of being a beginner

-        Stimulating your brain with new things

-        New Toy Effect

-        How to keep your brain alive

-        Obstacle course racing

-        Pursuing new experiences

-        Comfort equals safety

-        Becoming likable

-        New people at work

-        The virtue of humility

-        Definition of Humility

-        Fear of being vulnerable

-        Growing through vulnerability

-        Gracie Jiu Jitsu

-        The fastest way to excellence

-        Considering others feelings, ideas and perspectives

-        Getting in over your head

-        Developing a passion

-        Chronic injuries

-        Sleeping well

-        Feeling satisfied at the end of the day