Therapist and a Trainer

Isaac Newton's Laws for Getting Healthier

January 08, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 5
Therapist and a Trainer
Isaac Newton's Laws for Getting Healthier
Show Notes

Possibly everything you ever wanted to know about getting healthy can be learned from Issac Newton's Laws of Motion. From getting off the couch to becoming a disciplined athlete, these principals can get you there. Justin and Eric draw unmistakable parallels to help you stay focused on what's most important and dive deeper into ideas like:

Laws of motion and inertia
An object at motion tends to stay in motion
An object at rest tends to stay at rest
New years resolution mindset
Keeping your mind moving
Working on your memory and capacity
Remembering names
The World Series of Memory
Keeping your mind active and sharp
Being curious about projects
Learning new words
Word of the day
Having a catalyst to get moving
The 4 phases of fitness
Shame, pain and fear
Past, present and future
Fighting through the present moment
The choice of the moment
Seeing yourself in the future
Pain and fear as a motivator
Fear of stagnation
Force equals mass times acceleration
How to make change speed up
Paradox of depression
Looking outside your perceived ability
Therapy as a catalyst
Setting small goals
Identifying barriers and obstacles
Going around barriers or through them
Know your machine
Reaching critical velocity to escape your old life
Looking at a 10 year view
Emotional slingshot
Becoming a different person
Knowing your limitations
Gauging success in couples therapy
Self Check in 
Celebrating success
Every argument is the same thing
Willingness and openness to change
Becoming aware of your own predictability, patterns and rhythm
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Reducing friction in our lives
Growing unhealthy with your spouse
Talking to your spouse about getting healthier
Priming your family to succeed in health
Pushing your spouse's buttons
Seeing the problems of your cycle
Taking responsibility with your spouse