Human Evolution Project

S3E9: Game Within The Game

May 28, 2022 Bryce Smith & Misbah Haque
Human Evolution Project
S3E9: Game Within The Game
Show Notes

Show Notes: 

  • (00:21): Facing different changes in your life 
  • (09:35): Value of your time 
  • (15:59): Setting priorities
  • (19:48): Developing consistency in life
  • (25:31): Describing the game within the game
  • (35:21): Preparing for your next step

Quote Notes: 

If you're doing things consistently, over time, it's going to become closer to your default - Bryce

We all go through a different set of challenges - Misbah

Starts shifting more towards, “how do I start to monetize some of the things that I'm doing?” - Bryce

Fear is a great motivator. - Bryce

The answer comes through the journey, comes through the pursuit, comes through going through it. - Bryce

When the pressure is up, we can step on the pedal. - Misbah

Focus on high priority items - Misbah

I think in order to get things to stick, they have to be long-term manageable in order to create consistency. - Bryce

We're monetizing based on time. And I don't know that time is necessarily the indicator of monetization and productivity. - Bryce

Good things are gonna happen - Bryce

If you ask a good question, you'll get a good answer. - Misbah

Pick something that enables you to get a little bit excited. Bryce

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