The Beach Is Just The Beginning

Calypso Cricket

March 03, 2022 Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 4
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
Calypso Cricket
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Welcome to the colourful, crazy world of cricket in Antigua and Barbuda. 

Here the people watching the match are just as entertaining as the cricketing stars out in the middle.

An iron band lays down a heartbeat for the match. Dancers and stilt walkers bring the carnival vibe. And a DJ provides a blast of feel-good soca whenever a boundary is hit or a wicket falls.

The rum flows freely and there’s lobster being BBQed on the grill.

It’s cricket, but not as you know it.

And something you’ve got to experience it at least once in your life.

Chickie Baptiste is the DJ who brought the party vibe to cricket in the West Indies, a formula that has been copied around the world. He tells us how it all started and why he is the only non-cricketer ever to be awarded Man of the Match.

Sara Malin from International Cricket Tours reveals how watching a cricket match in the Caribbean changed her life and why her tours are a great way to see the cricket AND meet the local cricketing heroes.

Chris Millard from the Barmy Army explains why Antigua is his favourite place to watch cricket with the crew.

Sir Richie Richardson explains why he wanted to be in the crowd when he was out in the middle.

Sir Andy Roberts, the first Antiguan to play for the West Indies, reflects on the incredible highlights of his career and why he was so much more than just ‘The Hitman’.

And Shawnisha Hector, the first female Antiguan to play for the West Indies, talks about the exciting growth of the women’s game in the West Indies and her part in it.

This is cricket, calypso style. You’re not at Lords anymore, Dorothy.


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Sara Malin
Sir Andy Roberts
Sir Richie Richardson
Chris Millard (Barmy Army)
Shawnisha Hector