The Beach Is Just The Beginning


March 10, 2022 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 5
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
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Barbuda is the Caribbean’s best kept secret. Life is slower here and more relaxed. The locals are fiercely proud of their culture but equally willing to share it. And the island has been blessed with a unique natural beauty.

The island is rightly famous for its extraordinary beaches. One is named after a Princess. Another is a beguiling shade of pink.

But scratch the surface and you’ll find a certifiable wonder of nature, mysterious caves, a unique cuisine and friendly locals happy to introduce you to their culture … and their pace of life.

In this episode, local boatman Pat Richardson takes Peter deep into Barbuda’s extraordinary Frigate Bird Sanctuary. It’s one of nature’s greatest spectacles and  Peter gets to witness it at the height of the cacophonous mating season.

Jackie Beazer from Wa’Omoni Bestaurant makes Peter a delicious conch burger, explains why her eatery is a Barbudan institution and offers advice on the best way to meet the locals.

Asher Frank explains how Barbuda’s unique communal land laws have protected the island from the overdevelopment. And why her eco-friendly guesthouse and glamping site is the perfect way to get away from it all.

Matthew John reveals why Hillview Bar & Grill, his rustic bar out on Two Foot Bay, is a great place to chill, meet people and tuck into a barbequed lobster, fresh off the grill.

Finally, Claudette Thomas from Barbuda Belle suggests that it’s not just the long deserted beach, delicious seafood and beguiling solitude that brings guests back to one of the world’s best small luxury hotels. It’s the airconditioned beds as well.

We told you Barbuda was unique!


The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website:

Learn more about Peter at his personal website:

Book a tour of the Frigate Bird Sanctuary with Pat via his page on Barbudaful.

See what's cooking at the Wa'Omoni Bestaurant on their Facebook page.

Order a copy of Asha Frank’s book, Dreamland Barbuda, on Amazon.

If you fancy glamping at her eco-friendly guesthouse, drop by

Listen to her podcast about Barbudan culture, visit

Visit her mum’s website,, the number one resource for all things Barbuda.

If the thought of hanging out with MJ at the Hillview Bar & Grill sounds idyllic, check out the bar on Instagram.

And to see the sort of barefoot luxury that awaits at Barbuda Belle, check out the hotel’s stunning website.

Finally, some information on getting to Barbuda.

If you plan on flying, check out SVG Air and FlyMontseratt. Or by helicopter, CalvinAir.

By ferry, you need to visit Barbuda Express, Island Escape Ferry or Typhoon Express.

Live from the Frigate Bird Sanctuary
Thoughts on the Frigate Bird Sanctuary
Jackie from Wa'Omoni Bestaurant
Asha Frank
MJ from Hillview Bar & Grill
Claudette Thomas from Barbuda Belle