The Beach Is Just The Beginning


July 06, 2022 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 9
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
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Hear that sound? Hear that beat? That’s the sound of a whole nation getting ready to party. 

It's the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival – Antigua Carnival.  And  you’re invited to join the celebration.

After being put on hold for two years because of COVID, Antigua’s annual spectacle of music, dance and glittering costumes is back.

The Minister for Creative Industries and Innovation, Michael Brown, gives us the inside scoop on what’s planned and why this year it’s all about the pan.

Local journalist Petra Williams joins us to trace Carnival’s roots and let’s slip that this year’s party has already begun.

DJ Elementz gives us the lowdown on what makes a killer Carnival set.

Designer Chandy Lewis reveals what makes the perfect carnival costume.

Spoken Word artist and storyteller, Baden Prince, performs his fantastic piece about the true meaning of carnival.

Captain Lenroy Browne from the Insane Carnival Mas Troupe explains what it’s like to actually take part in Carnival and how you can join in.

Menace XL brings good time soca vibes – as well as a host of killer tunes for us to feature in the episode.

And Carnival legend Jagger Martin explains why Calypso is still the beating heart of Carnival.

Dust off your feathers and sequins. Carnival is back!


The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website:

Learn more about Peter at his personal website:

Plan your celebrations with the official Antigua Carnival Facebook page.

For unique insights on Carnival and all aspects of Antiguan and Barbudan culture, drop by Petra Williams’ website, The Spectator.

Listen to DJ Elementz’s latest mixes on his Soundcloud page or follow him on Instagram.

Check out Chandy Lewis’s latest stunning creations on Instagram.

Find out more about poet and storyteller, Baden Prince, on his Facebook page.

Find out how you can join the Insane Carnival Mas Troupe and take part in the Antigua Carnival.

Dance along to Menace XL’s hi-energy soca tunes on Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

And follow Calypso legend, Jagger Martin on Facebook.

Listen to the songs featured:

Stressless - Claudette Peters
Time Ah We Life - Tian Winter
Fete - Menace XL

Minister Michael Browne
Petra Williams (Journalist)
DJ Elements (Carnival DJ)
Chandy Lewis (Designer)
Baden Prince (Spoken Word)
Lenroy Browne (Mas Troupe Leader)
Menace XL (Soca Star)
Jagger Martin (Calypso Legend)