The Beach Is Just The Beginning

Wadadli Drinks

December 16, 2022 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 11
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
Wadadli Drinks
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Welcome to Wadadli drinks, our episode about quenching your thirst on the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda.

In this part of the world thoughts naturally turn to rum and locals will tell you that that the rum on Antigua and Barbuda is the best in the Caribbean.

Calbert Francis from Antigua Distillery tells us what makes Antigua’s rum so unique and reveals where and how to drink it like the locals do.

Andrew Joseph from the legendary OJ’s Beach Bar & Grill on Crabbe Hill Beach explains why their rum punch is so good.

Jackson Telemacque, from Sheer Rocks details the years of planning and experimenting that go into each of their cocktails – easily the most instagrammable on the island.

David Murphy from Antilles Stillhouse tells us about the rise of the Botanicals and how he’s putting a particularly Antiguan spin on gin down near Falmouth Harbour.

Rory Gonsalves explains how he is doing the same with craft beer, just around the corner at the 2Six8 Brewery.

Of course, quenching your thirst is not just about alcohol on Antigua and Barbuda. Stephanie Winters from Wadadlivity reveals how to enjoy the most delicious and revitalising juices on the island.

And Carla Gonsalves Barreiro from Paddling Duck Teas explains why one of her organic teas, blended using island herbs, following her grandmother’s secret family recipe, is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day of the island.

So sit back, raise your glass and get ready to quench your thirst the Wadadli way!


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Calbert Francis from Antigua Distillery
Andrew Joseph from OJ’s Beach Bar & Grill
Jackson Telemacque from Sheer Rocks
Seaview Farm Market
Stephanie Winters from Wadadlivity
Carla Gonsalves Barreiro from Paddling Duck Teas
David Murphy from Antilles Stillhouse
Rory Gonsalves from 2Six8 Brewery