The Beach Is Just The Beginning

Island Sports

March 26, 2023 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 12
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
Island Sports
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Welcome to Island Sports our episode about the sports you can play and watch on the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda.

When you think of sport on Antigua and Barbuda, chances are you think of cricket and sailing. That’s no surprise. The islands have always punched above their weight in those disciplines. Sailing Week is immense. And don’t get us started about the cricketing Knights.

That’s why we’ve already done a dedicated episode to each about cricket and sailing. Make sure you check them out.

In this episode, however, we want to throw the spotlight one some of the islands’ lesser-known sports.  Some of the islands’ OTHER sporting legends. And some of the sports YOU can play when you visit Antigua and Barbuda.

Like golf, for example. Sir Richie Richardson, one of the above-mentioned cricketing knights, is also a very keen golfer and in this episode he reveals his favourite courses on the islands.

Renee Edwards-Ambrose gives us the lowdown on the very unexpected sport of drag racing on Antigua and how it’s the girls leading the way.

Trevor ‘Simple’ Simon explains the joys of Warri, a unique board game, played throughout the Africa diaspora and one that he is the world master of.

Romeo DeSouza, horse owner and member of the Barbuda Turf Club, talks about horse racing on the island and the best time to catch the horses working out in the clear blue waters of Codrington Lagoon.

And we chat with Kevina Francis from the incredible Team Antigua Island Girls, the first All Women All Antiguan team to row the Atlantic.

So stay tuned. It’s a winning episode.


The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website:

Learn more about Peter at his personal website:

Book a round of golf at the Cedar Valley Gold Club. Who knows? You may run into Sir Richie and/or Sir Viv.

Drop by Renee Edwards-Ambrose’s Facebook page for all the latest on drag racing on the island and her ‘Back to Basics’ workshops.

You’ll find everything you want to know about Warri master Trevor ‘Simple’ Simon and what he has achieved here.

Check out the Barbuda Turf Club on Facebook for all the latest on upcoming races and events.

And follow the exploits of the amazing Team Antigua Island Girls on their official website.

Sir Richie Richardson on golf
Kevinia Francis from the Team Antigua Island Girls
Renée Edwards-Ambrose on drag racing
Trevor 'Simple' Simon on Warri
Romeo DeSouza from the Barbuda Turf Club