The Beach Is Just The Beginning

Christmas in the Sun

December 21, 2021 Andi Oliver Season 1 Episode 2
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
Christmas in the Sun
Show Notes

Join Peter Moore for some winter Christmas sun as he discovers the unique ways Antiguans and Barbudans celebrate the festive season.

Economist, journalist and business consultant, Petra Williams shares her in-depth knowledge of local customs – and her lovely singing voice – to give us a great overview of the islands’ more unusual Christmas traditions.

Professor of Steel Pan, Khan Cordice explains why steel pans are the perfect soundtrack to the festive season and the best places to hear them.

Celebrity Chef, Andi Oliver shares the tastes, smells and sounds that make Christmas in Antiguan so special to her.

Recently knighted Sir David Shoul proudly reveals the story behind Shoul’s Toys, Gifts and Houseware iconic Christmas lights.

And Andy Liburd gives us the lowdown on the legendary Champagne Christmas Party at Nelson’s Dockyard. The New York Times voted it one of the top 5 Christmas parties in the world and it’s the place to be seen on the islands on Christmas Day.

So put your winter blues behind you and join us to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda style.

It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website:

Learn more about Peter at his personal website,

For more information about the Champagne Christmas Party at Nelson’s Dockyard visit

If you’re in London and you fancy a taste of Christmas in Antigua, book yourself a table at Andi Oliver’s fantastic restaurant, Wadadli Kitchen.

And to find out the latest events and offers at Shoul’s Toys, Gifts and Housewares, drop by their Facebook page.

And, finally, to real get yourself in the mood for an Antiguan and Barbudan Christmas, have a listen to this wonderful festive playlist, created and curated by Petra Williams.