The Beach Is Just The Beginning

Wellness – Caribbean Style

January 19, 2022 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Season 1 Episode 3
The Beach Is Just The Beginning
Wellness – Caribbean Style
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New Year.  New you. Discover how Antigua and Barbuda are leading the way in Wellness in the Caribbean.

The world class resorts offer all kind of therapeutic treatments and activities. And with their stunning beaches and forests, the islands themselves are pretty much a natural wellness clinic anyway.

Tricia Greenaway is President of the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Association of Antigua and Barbuda gives us a great overview of  Wellness on the islands.

Vennetta Johnson from Wild Lotus Glamping explains why their incredible Wellness Retreats are your fast track to slowing down.

Carla Gonsalves-Barreiro from Paddling Duck Teas tells us about the wellness properties of her delicious herbal teas.

Marleen Askie gives us the lowdown on yoga on Antigua and Barbuda and tells us about a fantastic new Wellness Festival that she hopes will become a major annual event on the Wellness calender.

And Vorn Johnson, Antigua’s coolest environmentalist, reveals the natural remedies you’ll find just growing wild in the islands.

Of course, you could just make it easy for yourself and move to Antigua and Barbuda.

Ronald Ndoro Mind did just that as part of the Nomad Digital Resident Visa programme. He moved from London with his young family in tow and he says the new Life/Work balance he is enjoying is extraordinary.

It seems Antigua and Barbuda are REALLY leading the way in Caribbean Wellness.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We speak to Anne Dimon, president of the international Wellness Tourism Association and discover that she’s put Antigua and Barbuda at the top of her Wellness bucket list.


The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website:

Learn more about Peter at his personal website,

Learn more about Anne Dimon and the Wellness Travel Association at and You can read what she has to say about Antigua and Barbuda here.

Drop by Wild Lotus Glamping to book your wellness retreat.

Fancy a hot cup of Island Girl? There's a new website for Paddling Duck Tea being launched at the end of January. In the meantime, check out their Facebook page.

To book a yoga session with Marleen Askie, drop by her Facebook page.

Apply for your Nomad Digital Residence Visa here. Then contact Ronald and the guys at WorkMango for advice on making it work.

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Anne Dimon, Wellness Travel Association
Vannetta Johnson, Wild Lotus Glamping
Tricia Greenaway, the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Association of Antigua and Barbuda
Carla Gonsalves-Barreiro, Paddling Duck Teas
Vorn Johnson, Environmentalist
Marleen Askie, Yoga
Ronald Ndoro Mind, WorkMango