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Speaking Grief - How to Emotionally Support Clients

May 08, 2022 Hunter Donia Season 1 Episode 24
The Modern Hairstylist
Speaking Grief - How to Emotionally Support Clients
Show Notes

Speaking Grief is a very special project to me as it has helped me expand my capacity to show up better for my clients, family and friends.

Our clients are human beings who experience different hardships every day which often times can put us in an awkward, yet impactful spot.

Kristen and Lindsey are joining me in this episode, as we navigate the different methods for being more grief-aware for our clients and in our own lives as well.

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Lindsey Whissel Fenton is a senior producer/director at WPSU. An award-winning storyteller, she has explored a wide range of issues through her work in public media. Most recently, she produced and directed Speaking Grief, a multi-platform public media initiative that works to create a more grief-aware society; she continues to produce content for the project's social media presence.

Lindsey earned her bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Digital Arts from Point Park University and her master’s degree in Learning, Design, and Technology from Penn State. She is a hardcore dog mom, Rotarian, and rock climber.

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Kristin Bittner is an instructional designer who truly understands how people learn online. She works diligently to translate training concepts to real-life application, facilitate strong relationships between the client and the development team, and advocate for the learner through each step of design and development.  Bittner has a Master of Science in Instructional Technology and more than 16 years’ experience designing online instruction in corporate, military,  and higher education settings.

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