Charles Dickens: A Brain on Fire! 🔥

Dickens in Carrara: with Marzia Dati

May 08, 2022 Dominic Gerrard Episode 11
Charles Dickens: A Brain on Fire! 🔥
Dickens in Carrara: with Marzia Dati
Show Notes

Dominic is joined by  Marzia Dati: Professor of English Literature at  Liceo Marconi High School and founder of the first Italian Branch of the International Dickens Fellowship, in her home town of Carrara. 

Marzia’s new book A Sentimental Journey through Carrara is a visitor’s guide to this remarkable town that sits at the foot of the Apuan Alps, as they slope their way down to the Sea …  

These marble mountains gave Michelangelo the stone from which he cut the figure of his famous David, and today, if you stand in the lobby of the One World Trade Centre in New York, you will see that its walls are also decorated with Carrara’s unique marble …

Dickens visited Carrara in January 1845 and Marzia shares what he, and other famous writers and artists, found there. Grazie per l'attenzione!

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