Charles Dickens: A Brain on Fire! 🔥

The French Revolution: with Adam Zamoyski

September 27, 2022 Dominic Gerrard Episode 16
Charles Dickens: A Brain on Fire! 🔥
The French Revolution: with Adam Zamoyski
Show Notes

Dominic is joined by the fantastic historian Adam Zamoyski who shares his insight into the origins of both Revolutionary thought and action in the last quarter of the 18th Century: what Dickens famously calls 'The Period' in his A Tale of Two Cities ...

Adam's celebrated titles on the Age of Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars include: Holy Madness, 1812. Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow, Rites of Peace and Napoleon: The Man Behind The Myth ...

This episode also contains both French Revolutionary and British Reactionary quotes and slogans read by the brilliant actress LĂ©na Robin.

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