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Cranford Radio Headlines for Weekend of August 17
August 17, 2018 Bernie Wagenblast
Come fall you may have an opportunity to get rid of all that junk that's been accumulating in your house and the town remembers Cranford Fire Department Call Lieutenant Brian Koshney. More on these stories, the weekend weather and what's happening around town in this week's Cranford Radio headlines.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Here's a look at Cranford radio headlines for the week of August 17th and a look ahead at your weekend. The craft township committee hopes to restore a bulk waste collection this year while nothing is official yet, the price of a household permit is expected to be between 115 and $120. The hope is to have the collection take place over a two week period in the fall with one week for the north side and the other week for the south side. Crawford is mourning the passing of Brian cautiony. This week, caution. He served in the call division of the Cranford Fire Department for 23 years, most recently as a lieutenant. In addition, he was the maintenance manager, the Cranford pool and fitness center. A go fund me page has been established to help Ryan's family. Friday's going to be another hot one with a heat advisory in effect until six PM. The high under partly sunny skies will reach 91.

Speaker 1:0:55Showers and thunder showers are likely tonight with some storms possibly being severe. On Saturday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high around 88. Quite a bit cooler on Sunday with clouds and a chance of showers. The high around 76 rock yoga takes place. Friday evening between six and eight at post office plaza. The street will be closed starting at 5:30. The weather hasn't been too cooperative the past two Saturdays, but with some better luck. It's yoga in the park at Hanson Park on Saturday morning starting at nine more events and details can be found at [inaudible] dot com news provided by tap into Cranford for Cranford radio. I'm Bernie wagenblast.

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