Chris Farrell's On Watch Podcast
Federal Air Marshals & Biden Admin Failures w/ Sonya Hightower LaBosco
Federal Air Marshals & Biden Admin Failures w/ Sonya Hightower LaBosco 46:09 Miklós Szánthó on Hungarian Conservatism & the European Union 20:33 Maricopa Meltdown: Voting Machine Failures Eyewitnessed by JW’s Mark Spencer 35:54 The Psychology of Totalitarianism w/Mattias Desmet 43:47 U.S. Taxpayers Need Accountability for Ukraine War Aid w/Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell 1:06:59 Flag Officers Warn Against “Ideological Purge” in US Armed Forces 39:09 “You’ve Been Warned” | Chris Farrell on the Deep State’s newest threat to Americans 42:00 Dr. Seb Gorka on Biden’s Criminalizing Conservatism 34:14 The Court-Martial of General Mark Milley 48:32 EXCLUSIVE: Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb & MAL Raid 41:27 Ukrainian Reality Check w/COL Doug Macgregor PLUS Farrell’s ‘Exiled Emissary: George H. Earle III’ 53:46 EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Kash Patel 38:16 Tom Fitton’s Analysis of Roe Being Overturned 27:20 “Biden Divides Europe: The Impact on Americans” with Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell 1:08:22 American Success Story--w/ Award Winning Actor Tony Lo Bianco 1:01:47 War in Ukraine CONTINUES--with former CIA Analyst Larry C. Johnson 59:29 COVID, Russia-Ukraine & How Politics Affects Disaster Preparedness w/Dr. Jane Orient, M.D. 53:55 "Border Truth" w/Former USBP Chief Rodney Scott 55:21 Border Crisis Ready to Explode w/Art Arthur 1:08:27 “'How to Defeat CRT' w/ Stacy Washington" 1:06:13 Secrets of Political Corruption w/ GOV Rod Blagojevich 1:05:01 COL MacGregor Re: UKRAINE 28:09 LTG Mike Flynn - Exclusive Re: Ukraine; Obamagate & More! 1:15:56 Lou Dobbs' State of the Union 59:11 “Irresistible Revolution” with Matthew Lohmeier: Marxism in the U.S. Military 1:00:28