T-N-T Podcast (Tara n Tina Show)

Episode 1 "An Introduction"

December 16, 2021 Tara Graves & Tina Boggess Season 1 Episode 1
T-N-T Podcast (Tara n Tina Show)
Episode 1 "An Introduction"
Show Notes

If you ever want to get a good look at yourself record an hour podcast then watch it back. It’s cheaper than paying for therapy with a side of frightening. 

Today we post T-N-T Podcast’s first episode An Introduction. Tina and I are not professional podcasters by any means but on this particular day, we tried our best. Progress, not perfection in doing something completely out of our element as we can only improve from here 💪

Note to self: To avoid redness no tequila shots prior to recording 😅

 Special thanks to:

Kris Dlouhy @TheArmyKris for his editing smarts and continued support.

A shout out to the crew part of the Dean Blundell Network for providing not only incredible content but inspiration and support along the way. @DBlundellNet @ItsDeanBlundell @LochlinCross @bondzeelive @ryanlindley @much34m @thatnerddad @bradhopper14 @MrsLindley2019 @leanneschaefe12 @SheepShepPod @brentonontour @TheArmyKris @offload_Delay @bigkrisradio @Kidsontheescal1 @jamesdifiore 

 Next episode is “live” on Jan 6th at 9 pm EST. 

“Drag Racing 101” with special guest Gary Rudy

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