From The Heart: The HeartKids Podcast
Growing Up With A Heart Condition... Eve's Story
Growing Up With A Heart Condition... Eve's Story 31:10 HeartKids Dads: A Support Group For Fathers Of Children With CHD... Ben Taylor 24:05 I Had No Idea I Was About To Become A Heart Mum... Sami Glastonbury's Story 29:29 BEST OF 2022 #1: Kimberley's Story 31:41 BEST OF 2022 #2: Neurodevelopment and CHD 25:20 BEST OF 2022 #3: Exercise and CHD 23:01 We Know How To Prevent It, So Why Does This Type Of Childhood Heart Disease Still Exist In Australia? Dr Ben Reeves 18:35 Can CHD Impact Mental Health? Dr Liza Morton 29:12 What Happens When I Move To The Adult Hospital? Evelyn Culnane 23:52 How HeartKids Teen Camps Changed My Life... Claire's Story 45:33 Australian National Standards of Care for Childhood-onset Heart Disease... Prof Gary Sholler 36:46 Growing Up In The 70s With A Congenital Heart Condition... Deb's Story 24:16 Heart And Life Updates With Rachael and Sam 30:42 My Heart Condition Doesn't Define Me... George's Story 25:14 One Of My Twins Was Born With A Heart Condition... Hannah's Story 36:58 What's The Connection Between CHD And Neurodevelopment? A/Prof Rob Justo and Prof Will Parsonage 25:20 Common Cardiac Procedures... Professor David Celermajer 35:34 Growing Up With My Heart Condition... Caitlin's Story 27:59 How Becoming A Father Helped Me Understand What Heart Parents Go Through... Levi's Story 25:50 How To Prepare For Open-Heart Surgery... Tips And Tricks From A Pro! Elle Pendrick 1:01:40 What Is Wadja Aboriginal Family Place? Annette 'Netty' Gaulton 28:18 My Daughter's Heart Transplant... Ebony's Story 22:13 RESEARCH UPDATE: The Genetic Causes of Congenital Heart Disease... A/Prof Mirana Ramialison 16:47 My Son Needed 4 Surgeries In 16 Months For His Congenital Heart Disease... Mandela's Story 21:39 Our Rheumatic Heart Disease Journey... Lynette's Story 25:57