Understanding Us: The Podcast

Reclaiming our Feminine & Masculine Energies with Kim Barnard

April 13, 2022 Eliza B. Season 1 Episode 10
Understanding Us: The Podcast
Reclaiming our Feminine & Masculine Energies with Kim Barnard
Show Notes

Have you been hearing a lot about your "divine feminine" and healing your womb space? This conversation is for you! Kim and I sit down to discuss what many practitioners are missing when they talk about stepping into your divine feminine, and the importance of defining your own healing path.

Kim is a breathwork facilitator, womb wisdom medicine woman, cacao journeyer and coach who helps women move out of their heads and reconnect to their bodies and wombs to know themselves on a deeper level. Your body is talking; are you listening?

Before working in this field, Kim spent close to a decade working in the corporate events world, resulting in complete burnout and a life-changing career shift. After years of living in and from her head, she realised the only way to heal mentally, physically and spiritually, to transform anxiety and relationships with both herself and those closest to her was to start listening to the very thing her had ignored, her body.

Bringing together a unique blend of healing modalities, Kim uses these to help you live from your womb space, a way of life we have forgotten but are meant to live by. Reconnect with your womb, reconnect to your power, wisdom, and life source ... RECONNECT TO YOUR SELF.

Can't wait for you to listen to the wisdom Kim shares with us!

Kim's available for one to one womb healing and connection,  ritual/ ceremony creation and breathwork sessions. You can reach her at kim@kimberleybarnardcoaching.com or https://www.instagram.com/sacred.womban/

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