Understanding Us: The Podcast

A Change and a Story from Eliza

July 06, 2022 Eliza B.
Understanding Us: The Podcast
A Change and a Story from Eliza
Show Notes

Hi friends! Eliza here. It's just me today talking about the future of this podcast. I'm so excited to announce a bit of a reframe of the podcast, and how things will look moving forward. Of course it will be same ol' me, sharing and educating if and when possible, but I hope to create a library of people's stories that can help in a couple different ways:

1. Ensure that you don't feel alone in your human experience. The best way to connect with others is through stories. Listening to stories that resonate with you and that help make you feel a little less lonely. And also potentially sharing your own story as a way to support others in their journeys. So Understanding Us is really about building connections with Self and others, through our individual and collective stories.

2. Support you in understanding your own human experience. Maybe something has been going on and you're feeling stuck and not quite sure what direction to go in. Maybe you're feeling anxiety or struggling with your mental health in some way and don't know how to get out of the funk. My hope is that the stories you'll hear on this podcast will be a wealth of knowledge for you to pull from when dealing with your own challenges and setbacks.

You are never alone. And you ARE capable. That's what this podcast is about.

I talk a bit about how I came to this new format, as well as I share one of my stories that led me to this very moment as an individual and as a practitioner. It's one of my most poignant "why" stories, and I hope it provides solace to anyone who needs it.

I'm always here if you need me.


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