Understanding Us: The Podcast

Managing Chronic Pain with Cindy Ryan

October 12, 2022 Eliza B.
Understanding Us: The Podcast
Managing Chronic Pain with Cindy Ryan
Show Notes

Today we have Cindy Ryan on the show, who beautifully shares her experience with chronic pain from getting shingles in her mouth and face. We discuss the loneliness that often comes with a "silent" injury, and Cindy graciously shares her own journey to acceptance and redefining normal. 

In the episode, she mentions that she has tried over 150 different modalities (!?!?!). Here are a few that she found the most helpful:

  • Craniosacral Physiotherapy 
  • Dry Needling and IMS done by a physiotherapist 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Naturopathy 

Here's a message from Cindy:

My name is Cindy Ryan, an intuitive guide and Reiki Master based in North Vancouver, BC. I am humbled to be able to help  humans to find their uplifting, honest inner voice. Working together, we connect back to the inner tools and techniques to achieve an open, balanced life!

I am the first to admit that when one commits to the journey of themselves- it will be beautiful but it won’t be all rainbows.  The one thing that is a guarantee, you will be safe when you choose yourself.  Shadow work is a large part of understanding true commitment to oneself.  I have done this in unique ways in my life. 

In this decade,  I have now completed my master level in reiki.  I have had the joy of working with clients worldwide and with each session, I feel I learn more as well. I have trained with three mentors to open my own psychic abilities and now channel and mentor others. I am always guided in this work and when I am called to do further training I listen.  I am an emotion code practitioner as well as detachment therapy and layer this into my practice along with the theory of energy code work which I have trained in. 

For close to 20 years, I was working with children and families in the government sector as a Licensing Officer.  I see how my skill set in investigation training, policy writing and child and youth care work floods in beautifully to work I do now.

To learn more about Cindy's offerings, check out her website here. 
You can follow her on instagram here.

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