Understanding Us: The Podcast

Food as Medicine w/ Latham Turner

November 23, 2022 Eliza B.
Understanding Us: The Podcast
Food as Medicine w/ Latham Turner
Show Notes

We take it back to my Integrative Health roots today with Latham Turner, a man who is on a mission to support neurodivergent children and their families to live a more intentional life through healthy, nutrient dense foods.

Latham was working in Silicon Valley when his son got kicked out of his third daycare in a year. He decided to leave his job and move his family to Bozeman Montana to live a more intentional life. His son was diagnosed with autism, which started Latham's path towards food as medicine. We go on a couple fun tangents along the way, but this conversation is chalk-full of good information not just for neurodivergent folks, but for anyone interesting in learning more about living more intentionally and using food as medicine.

If you'd like to reach out to Latham, he would love to talk with you. You can do so through:

Email: lhturner06@gmail.com
Personal Substack
Uniquely Substack
Uniquely Website 

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