Understanding Us: The Podcast

Presence & Gratitude with Shaun Doherty

January 14, 2022 Eliza B.
Understanding Us: The Podcast
Presence & Gratitude with Shaun Doherty
Show Notes

 We talk with Shaun Doherty of the 555club to talk about all things presence, gratitude, and the balance between doing and being.  Make sure you have your pen and paper out for this one, because Shaun drops a LOT of amazing quotes to live by!

Shaun is a former civil  engineer, cancer patient, stem cell transplant recipient, wedding photographer and financial adviser.

He now works with companies around the globe through the555club  bringing bite-sized wellness to management and staff in digestible and simple 15 minute increments throughout the working day.

Loves animals, good books marvel films and spending time with friends, old and new and is very grateful for his childish sense of humor that allows him to find joy in the most mundane things!

To connect with Shaun:

Instagram: @_shaundoherty
LinkedIn: 555Club

We talk about a few different resources in this episode, here is a link to the two books we discussed. 

The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan
The Presence Process by Michael Brown

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