The Waves Of Change with Darragh Byrne

#7 - Warzone to Inner Peace with Khadaura Roshan

February 06, 2022 Darragh Byrne Season 1 Episode 7
The Waves Of Change with Darragh Byrne
#7 - Warzone to Inner Peace with Khadaura Roshan
Show Notes

In this weeks episode we covered all areas of Khadaura's journey so far. Including a scene from a 007 James Bond Thriller. What it was like growing up in different parts of the world. Learning ancient eastern mysticism from a very young age to being blown up by an IED roadside bomb in Afghanistan. And what legacy he is creating in the world today. This one was powerful. 

This was a great in depth story of what life was like behind enemy lines being  one of the highest ranked soldiers in the field to what it was like being the "dumbest " person at the table when he got back to corporate America. The impact on mental health trying to transition back into "normal" life, Also how the U.S treat their war veterans when they get back stateside. 

Khadaura is one of the best mystics I have ever worked with. To witness how quick he can style flex and adapt to any situation with joy and fun has been epic. That alone has been inspiring.  In his past life he helped to bring down a big European child sex trafficking ring that we never got around to covering. We'll save those stories for round 2 ... Big Love to you brother. 

This ones got lots of WTF moments  haha. 

Let us know what you.


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