Greetings From the Garden State

Cheers To New Jersey Wine!

August 15, 2023 Mike Ham Episode 92
Greetings From the Garden State
Cheers To New Jersey Wine!
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Show Notes

We embark on a remarkable journey through the thriving wine culture of New Jersey. In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with two remarkable guests, Dustin Tarpine and Devon Perry. Our conversation delves into the story of Cedar Rose Vineyards and the broader winemaking tapestry that flourishes in the Garden State.

Our discussion begins by exploring the journey of Cedar Rose Vineyards, nestled gracefully in the heart of New Jersey. From its inception during an internship, the vineyard's founders transformed a shared dream into reality. Despite challenges such as expansion and unpredictable weather, their unwavering dedication shines through, culminating in a triumphant winery. The commitment to cultivating exceptional grapes is at the core of Cedar Rose Vineyards' story, from its modest beginnings in 2015 to its evolution into a larger facility in 2017.

We also dive into the Garden State Wine Growers Association, an influential entity that unites New Jersey's diverse vineyards and wineries. Our guests shed light on how collaboration within the association elevates the industry as a whole, enhancing quality and visitor experiences. The conversation turns to the intricate art of winemaking, highlighting the essential role of grape quality in creating exceptional wines. The influence of climate and terroir on the final wine product is explored, along with New Jersey's recognition on the international stage for its remarkable wines.

But that's not all – Cedar Rose Vineyards offers an immersive experience for visitors year-round. Engage in lively trivia nights, enjoy live musical performances, and rejuvenate with revitalizing yoga sessions. Indulge in their thoughtfully curated food program, carefully designed to harmonize with their wines. The tasting experience at Cedar Rose Vineyards is a true delight, with options ranging from wine flights to guided tastings, all set in an inviting ambiance that dispels any notions of wine tasting being pretentious or exclusive.

As we conclude this enlightening episode, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our guests, Dustin Tarpine and Devon Perry, for sharing their expertise and insights. Their stories, coupled with the inspirational journey of Cedar Rose Vineyards, provide a rich glimpse into the heart of New Jersey's extraordinary wine culture. Stay tuned for more enthralling explorations of the hidden treasures within the Garden State, exclusively on Greetings from the Garden State!

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