Seasons Leadership Podcast

Nurturing Relationships in Business

August 17, 2022 Seasons Leadership Program Season 3 Episode 19
Seasons Leadership Podcast
Nurturing Relationships in Business
Show Notes

Join Seasons Leadership Co-Founders Susan Ireland and Debbie Collard as they talk about nurturing relationships in business.

Life is all about relationships (1:06)
 Debbie and Susan start the discussion with an introduction to the value of connection. They talk about how business relationships are different and the work it takes to nurture relationships. 
Just keep the connection fresh (3:28)
Debbie and Susan share what a successful relationship at work looks like – having a level of mutual respect and regard. Debbie relates a story to highlight the importance of staying in touch. Susan shares how often people loose connection and the benefit of being the one to reach out and reconnect.

Having a network to lean on helps everyone (9:05)
The leaders discuss diverse networks and how they help with creativity and perspective.

Show break (10:30) – Learn about coaching with Seasons Leadership.

The secret of a Relationship Matrix (12:13)
Debbie shares the secret of a true introvert who was good at keeping in contact by keeping a “relationship matrix.” Debbie and Susan share how the Seasons Leadership’s Relationship Matrix works – and remind listeners to be deliberate and don’t keep score. 

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